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Let's get you started.

Working with us is simple, and we'll hold your hand on every step. Here's what we'll do together.

Step 1 - Submit your designs.

Simply provide us with your patterns, sketch of the style, and the required materials to make your sample.

Step 2 - Approve the samples.

We’ll submit a complete sample to you for review.  You’ll be given the opportunity to revise the samples until we perfectly get what you want.

Step 3 - Set the retail price.

We’ll tell you how much it truly costs to make your product and how much margin we’ll be keeping.  You can then decide exactly how much to sell your products to customers.

Step 4 - Start selling online.

You can sell on your own website or use our platform.  We’ll post the products on our site, We can maximize the use of all our combined media channels.  Together, we’ll spread the word about your design and your products.

Step 5 – Watch the manufacturing unfold.

Once orders come in, we’ll manufacture them.  We have no Minimum Order Quantity so there is no wasted inventory.  We’ll even deliver to the customers and collect payments.

Step 6 - Receive your profits.

We only make a minimal disclosed margin on the selling price.  Once your pieces are delivered and accepted, we will turn over all the profits to you.

Our Livelihood Fund
Let's help build tomorrow.

What we are most excited about is our Livelihood Fund.  We will dedicate USD 0.50 per piece sold into the fund which will be used to support the families of our blue-collar workers.  They will have access to education programs for their children, retirement plans beyond the legal minimum, funding programs to start their own businesses, and social responsibility programs for the underprivileged.