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Designer luxury has never been this affordable
Who We Are
And why we're doing what we do

moondaze is born from the belief that buying a wardrobe should be as easy as drifting to our dreams. When we think about clothes, we remember everybody - your differences, your lives, your choices. We tailor them into wearable luxury that won't break your bank.  Our functional designer pieces can be worn anywhere, and you’ll always feel at home.

Like other good things, we began at home decades ago, at the house of a loving grandmother in tropical Philippines. Friends dropped by to see her pieces and told her what they wanted to wear. Since then, she worked with a loyal team that was dedicated to their work and clients. The garments have been the talk of their little town, a hush-hush secret among regulars. Now, we're finally ready to tell you all about it. 

Our collections are a mix of comfortable textures, each one with a personality as unique as yours. We designed them with you and your quirks in mind since we believe you shouldn't fit in your clothes - they should fit you. We're all for who you want to be, and we want moondaze to help you express your individuality. Whether at home, on a date, out with friends, or at somebody's place, we hope you wear our pieces feeling, "Hey, it's okay to be me." Sleep well with this thought every day.