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CreatingYour Look


We have built a platform for designers to showcase their talents, for artisans to build a livelihood, and for customers to enjoy top quality, well priced products.


Nurturing New Designers

Designers design. We do the rest.

Designers have dreams to build a brand and launch their collections. It’s not easy though. They need operational support and financial assistance to get there. There are risks of sourcing start-up capital, taking care of labor, and managing inventory.

This is where we come in. All designers need to do is submit a pattern for every design piece. We will handle everything else - sampling, manufacturing, collecting payment, shipping, and post-sales service.

The pricing of each piece is even easier. We’ll transparently tell you how much your piece truly costs, and then work with you to set the price. When an order is placed, we’ll just deduct the true cost of the piece and a 30% margin to pay the bills. The rest of the profit is immediately credited to the designer.


Building Tomorrow

We put USD 0.50 for every piece sold into a Livelihood Fund.

When we thought of starting our business, we wanted to help make a difference. That’s why we offer our customers superior quality products at transparent prices. That’s why we nurture new designers to see their dreams turn into reality. And that’s also why we set up a Livelihood Fund for our artisans.

We will put USD 0.50 for every piece sold into a Livelihood Fund. This isn’t just a donation. It’s an advocacy to ensure that we help build tomorrow for their families. We will use the money to enable them to start grass root businesses, educate their children, and invest for their future.

So the next time you wear any of our clothes, do so knowing that you helped make someone smile.


Top Quality

Well-Priced Products

In our industry, products are sold for up to 8x the real cost. Brands have to think of marketing expenses, overheads, and the cost of managing inventory. That’s why retailers are always faced with the challenge of balancing quality and price.

Not with us. Because we cut out the middlemen, we are able to significantly reduce our overhead costs and pass the savings straight to you. We just make sure you pay for the best quality fabrics and the most trained artisans so we can deliver you products of exceptional quality.

We are so confident in our process and quality that we disclose how each piece is made and what it truly costs. Click the “Know the Real Cost” tab on any product to truly appreciate the value of what you’re about to buy.


Create Your Look

With Versatile Basics
All essentials for a stylish wardrobe are marked up to only USD3

Designer pieces often go best when paired with very simple and clean essentials. So we thought of coming up with a collection of these for you. price.

Designer pieces plus simple basics always spells Style! That’s why there is collection of Moondaze essentials made of top quality fabrics stitched by the same artisans that produce our designer pieces. They go through the same robust quality assurance process as designer pieces before they are delivered.

And what’s even better? We only keep a markup of up to USD 3. They’re so affordable that you won’t have to think twice before buying them in each color available.